GM Rodshtein takes the lead, GM Wesley So getting closer

WGM Muzychuk catches up with IM Harika

Information about the World Junior Chess Championship U20

August 2-16, Gaziantep, Turkey

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Once again we witness a dramatic turn at the World Junior Chess Championship in Turkey. After leading for several rounds in a row, IM Arik Braun lost to GM Rodshtein and the young GM from Israel became the new leader of the competition. Braun’s loss was cleverly used by the other contenders. GM Wesley So took down GM David Howell to get only 1/2 point away from Roshtein, while GM Brkic and GM Negi got close as well.

In the girls section a second consecutive draw by IM Harika let WGM Muzychuk catch up with her. Nakhbayeva also got closer after a nice win.

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Mikadze vs Harika


GM Rodshtein is the new leader

wesley so

GM Wesley So getting closer