Round 09 Photo Report

Round 09 starts with a pleasant surprise for Topalov

Round 09 starts with less press intrusion and a pleasant surprise for Topalov and all Bulgarian viewers.

DAY 09 - Before the Game: Topalov Smiling

Topalov Smiling for the Journalists

Today there was a special guest to open the game between Kamsky and Topalov – the Bulgarian World Champion in wrestling – Boyan Radev. Mr. Radev was invited to make Kamsky’s first move. As you can see from the pictures, he was very excited and asked a confirmation from Silvio Danailov where to move the white pawn.

DAY 09 - Before the Game: Kamsky and Topalov DAY 09 - First Move: Silvio presents the Guest

Silvio Danailov introduces the Famous Bulgarian Wrestler and World Champion – Boyan Radev

DAY 09 - First Move Made

The World Champion – Boyan Radev – makes Kamsky’s first move

Mr. Radev gave a very special present to Topalov – one of his medals to serve him as a good luck charme. The World Champion in wrestling hugged cordially the Bulgarian Chess Grandmaster and then made a round of hanshakes with all the players before leaving the game area.

It was a nice “warm and fuzzy” moment and a great gesture from a former World Champion to a former World Champion. The episode can be described as a pleasant and no-stress moment for all the chess players, once again an excellent move from the organizers.

DAY 09 - Topalov receives a Medal DAY 09 - Espejo

Topalov receives a medal from Boyan Radev; Mr. Espejo marks the beginning of round nine.

Shortly after Mr. Radev left the stage, the chief referee Mr. Espejo greeted the spectators with his usual “Dobar vecher, good afternoon” and opened the round.

DAY 09 - Let the Games Begin!

Let the games of round 9 begin!

DAY 09 - All

DAY 09 - Kamsky Topalov

Day 09 - Press conference - Adams Mamedayrov

Day 09 - Press conference -Mamedayrov Day-09-Adams-ICC

Mamedyarov shared that he was affraid of losing today; Adams is interviewed for ICC.

While both Adams and Mamedyarov seemed relieved but kind of sad because of their draw, Sasikiran and Nisipeanu, who also made a draw, were both in a very good mood, kindly answering questions.

Day 09 - Press conference -Nicipeanu and Sasikiran