Day 04 of the Mtel Masters Supertournament

A photo-report with comments

Day four was meant to start calmly, with a little less media attention and more spectators. And it would have, except for Mamedyarov’s tardiness that is on the way of becoming a trademark or a weird opening ritual.

Day 04 - Topalov Arrives Day 04 - Sasikiran Topalov

On board one we see Sasikiran and Topalov, more detailed information about their play you are able to get from the LIVE commentaries from GM Dimitrov in our live section.

Day 04 - All1

Day 04 - All2

The matches on board two and three are Mamedyarov-Nisipeanu and Kamsky-Adams.

Day 04 - All3

Day 04 - All4

Day 04 - Espejo Day 04 - Reporters all around

Kamsky-Adams began with Adams playing his favorite Steinitz defense in Ruy Lopez. The games are still in their opening phase and expect our six players to bring us an exciting chess Sunday afternoon. Keep updated and follow the live commentary.

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran Day 04 - Mamedyarov Missing Again

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 2 Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 3

Mamedyarov-Nisipanu started off with the Bluemenfeld gambit, in which the Romanian GM scored a fantastic victory against Kiril Georgiev last year at the European Team Championship.

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 4 Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 5

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 6