A quick preview of Day 03 – Round Three – of the Mtel Masters Supertournament

Photo report

Day 03-1 Day 03-Adams Nicipeanu

Day 03-Adams Nicipeanu 2 Day 03-Topalov Waiting

Apparently the rounds of the third edition of Mtel Masters are all going to start a bit off for Topalov. At the opening day the Mayor of Sofia belated Topalov’s first move, Topalov himself was tardy for the second round and today we saw him patiently waiting for his opponent (Mamedyarov) on board one, long after the other two matches had begun. For several minutes Mamedyarov was nowhere to be found, press and players sharing the astonishment. Fortunately, he showed up, and the game could continue as planned.

Day 03-Adams Nicipeanu 2 Day 03-Topalov Still Waiting

Day 03-Kamsky Sasikiran Day 03-Espejo

Day 03-Topalov sitting alone Day 03-Topalov, Adams, Nicipeanu

Day 03-Mamedyarov Day 03-Mamedyarov 2

Now, about an hour and a haft into all three matches, we can notice the following: Kamsky and Sasikiran seemingly are moving towards the draw, Mamedyarov and Topalov are showing a promise of a fierce fight and in Nisipeanu and Adams it appears that Adams has a promising compensation for the sacrifice of material on e6 he made several moves ago.

Day 03-Kamsmky Sasikiran 2 Day 03-Topalov Mamedyarov 2

Day 03-Topalov Mamedyarov 3 Day 03-Topalov Mamedyarov 4

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