Closing Ceremony Photo Report

The closing ceremony of Mtel Masters 2007 marked the end of one of the most competitive tournaments in the last decade. The tournament was decided at the very last round, as you can see from our commentary of the Topalov-Sasikiran game.

Closing Ceremony Katrin Closing Ceremony Espejo&Vinatzer

Closing Ceremony Nisipeanu Closing Ceremony Topalov Mamedyarov

The organizers produced a concise and warm ceremony, the players were awarded their caricatures by Ivailo Ninov, Adams and Nisipeanu received the special Bulstrad Award for most exciting game – their match from Round 8. As the third time winner, Topalov added one more golden Icon to his collection. The Icon represents the four saints warriors and its spirit parallels Topalov’s attractive and ruthless gamestyle.

Closing Ceremony Sasikiran Closing Ceremony All