Black & White Party

Relaxing event after the 5 tough rounds

Black-White cook and boss Black-White Topalov boss

Mtel CEO with the chief cook and Veselin Topalov

Black-White Sasikiran arrives Black-White Sasikiran Psakhis

Krishnan Sasikiran and Lev Psakhis joining the party

Black-White Kamsky Sasikiran Topalov

Kamsky, Sasikiran and Topalov

Black-White Topalov Sasikiran cook Black-White Kamsky Sasikiran Topalov 1

Black-White players Black-White players Cheparinov

Mamedyarov and Cheparinov have joined the group

Black-White players 1

Black-White Topalov cooking

Veselin Topalov cooking

Black-White Sasikiran cooking

Krishnan Sasikiran cooking

Black-White Adams arrived Black-White Adams Tara

Michael Adams cooking and his wife Tara testing the food

Black-White Mamedyarov cooking Black-White Mamedyarov fan

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov cooking