London Chess Classic Round 3 Photos (Updated)

Special thanks to the press officer John Saunders

The third round of the London Chess Classic is currently ongoing. IM Malcolm Pein made the first move for David Howell in the game versus Magnus Carlsen – follow the live commentary. Special thanks to the press officer John Saunders for providing photo impressions for!

London kramnik-gordon

The tournament commentator Stephen Gordon and Vladimir Kramnik

London km-post-mortem

Vladimir Kramnik and Luke McShane post mortem

London post-mortem

Michael Adams and Ni Hua analysing

London nakamura-short

Hikaru Nakamura and Nigel Short after the game

London adams-ni-hua

Michael Adams – Ni Hua

London carlsen-howell

Magnus Carlsen – David Howell

London carlsen-howell 2

The same match but with the view on the audience

London kramnik-mcshane

Vladimir Kramnik – Luke McShane

London Children-in-the-commentary-

The children following the action in the commentary room

London nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura

London short

Nigel Short

London ni-hua

Ni Hua