Simul by GM Julio Granda Zuniga in Nancy

Introduction for the 8th Nancy Chess Festival

The Nancy Chess Festival 2010, which took place on 22-28th February in Nancy, France, was introduced on 20th February by a simultaneous exhibition with GM Julio Granda Zuniga. GM Granda, who later participated int he main Nancy tournament, scored 16 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Photos by IM Christophe Philippe.

Granda simul 1

Granda simul 2

Granda simul 3

Granda simul 4

Members of the chess club Nancy-Stanislas snatched a win and a draw

Granda simul 5

Members of the chess club Nancy-Est-Echecs

Granda simul 6

Members of the chess club Vandoeuvre-Echecs

Granda simul 7

The Red Devils from Seichamps-Echecs

Granda simul 8

Richard and Yann from the chess club Echiquier Nancéien