Grand Prix Baku 2008

photos preview

The Chess Grand Prix in Baku starts this Sunday. 14 players will compete in the first event of the new World Chess Championship cycle. Here is a photo preview of the event. All the photos from Baku will be available at the photo gallery and the Grand Prix general page

Carlsen Karjakin Corus 2007

Carlsen and Karjakin have already met at top competitions before the Chess Grand Prix.
In Baku 2008 they will have to perform yet another show of the young tallents

Mamedyarov Kamsky

Kamsky has positive balance against Mamedyarov. Yet Mamedyarov is constantly rising in the rating list.
The Chess Grand Prix will be a serious test for both players

Radjabov-Mamedyarov Corus 2008

Radjabov, Mamedyarov, and Gashimov will be the local stars of the Grand Prix Baku 2008.
Their direct matches will create a lot of interest

Aronian Navara post mortem

Aronian and Navara are surely candidates for the top spots in Baku 2008

Ruy Lopez Adams

Michael Adams has recently won the Ruy Lopez festival. Can he do it in Baku?