ETCC 2007 Round 9 – Russia gets the gold, twice!

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Russia triumphed with both men and women teams taking the golden
medals at the 16 th European Team Chess Championship 2007. Men team
had an impressive run of eight consecutive wins and only one drawn,
claimed the title even before the last round, and most of their
players took medals for
individual scores as well.

ETCC 2007 Round 9 01

Russia vs. Bulgaria

Silver medals go to the 2006 Olympiad winners – Armenia. This ultra
solid team took a slow start, but broke through to the second place
with the series of narrow wins. Quite the opposite happened to the
bronze medalists, the explosive team of Azerbaijan. They started
furiously in the first few rounds until they were stopped by the
Russians. Still, the third place is a fantastic achievement for this
young team.

ETCC 2007 Round 9 02

Armenia and Israel are fighting for the second place in the tournament

ETCC 2007 Round 9 03

France and Azerbaijan…

ETCC 2007 Round 9 04

… made two early draws on board one and three

ETCC 2007 Round 9 05

Ukraine in team uniforms: GM Ivanchuk, GM Karjakin, GM Volokitin and GM Areshchenko

Russia women were having a tough race with the title defenders from
Poland. Only in the 8th round Poland succumbеd and Russia routinely
drove the ship into the safe harbor. Just like men, most of the
Russian ladies also earned individual medals.

ETCC 2007 Round 9 06

Russia vs. Urkaine on the top table for the women section

Poland still managed to capture the silver medals on better
tie-breaks/individual points. Armenian female team resisted famous
Georgians in the last round, and after Ukraine didn’t
win against Russia, girls from Erevan started celebrating bronze medals.

ETCC 2007 Round 9 07

The female teams of Armenia and Georgia are trying to get into the medals

ETCC 2007 Round 9 08

Georgia men play with Italy

ETCC 2007 Round 9 09

GM Magnus Carlsen

ETCC 2007 Round 9 10

GM Shirov won for Spain today

ETCC 2007 Round 9 11

GM Grischuk and GM Georgiev in a post-mortem of the game on board two won by the Bulgarian, GM Svidler discussing the game

ETCC 2007 Round 9 12

Mr. Mihailov and GM Stefanova after her draw for Bulgaria on board one against France today

ETCC 2007 Round 9 13

GM Andrei Volotkin (who won against GM Hebden from England) after his interview for Chessdom

ETCC 2007 Round 9 14

A post-morthem marathon at the Analysis hall

ETCC 2007 Round 9 14

GM Ivanisevic, who had just won against GM Carlsen, and the team coach of Serbia – Mihajlo Stojanovic

ETCC 2007 Round 9 15

Armenia managed to outplay Israel 2.5:1.5 and won the silver medals in the men section. Congratulations to Aronian and co.

Men Section

Highest rating performance

1. Svidler 2989

2. Morozevich 2855

3. Roiz 2855

4. Adams 2800

5. Mamedyarov 2798

6. Topalov 2797

7. Navara 2792

8. Vallejo Pons 2782

9. Bacrot 2781

10. Alekseev 2760

Most rating gain

1 Carlsson, Pontus +24,7

2 Keskinen, Sauli +24,0

3 Stanojoski, Zvonko +20,1

4 Svidler, Peter +20,0

5 Liiva, Riho +19,9

6 Antoniou, Antonis +19,5

7 Lenic, Luka +19,0

8 Roiz, Michael +18,2

9 Hammer, Jon Ludvig +17,7

10 Gengler, Pierre +17,3

Women Section

Highest rating performance,women

1 Peng, Zhaoqin 2597

2 Kosteniuk, Alexandra 2587

3 Danielian, Elina 2573

4 Rajlich, Iweta 2573

5 Socko, Monika 2561

6 Nemcova, Katerina 2548

7 Kosintseva, Tatiana 2517

8 Lahno, Kateryna 2506

9 Kosintseva, Nadezhda 2494

10 Hoang, Thanh Trang 2490

Most rating gain, women

1 WIM Nemcova, Katerina +48,6

2 Misovic, Sanja +35,5

3 WGM Aginian, Nelly +29,9

4 WGM Srebrnic, Ana +24,9

5 WGM Borsuk, Angela +24,9

6 WIM Fakhiridou, Ekaterini +24,8

7 WGM Mamedjarova, Turka +23,6

8 WIM Heinatz, Dr Gundula +22,4

9 WIM Bashkite, Viktoria +22,1

10 GM Peng, Zhaoqin +21,7

It was a fantastic event, the motivated players gave us aesthetic
pleasure with wonderful games and our kind hosts in Creta Maris
provided excellent playing and lodging conditions.