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European Team Chess Championship is ready to start

Here in Crete is arrival day for the chess players and their coaches, so the most common profession that one can see in the hotel registration form is “chess player”. We already have seen the teams from Georgia and Armenia around the pool, the guys of Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Finland, Israel, Sweden. The weather is wonderful and those who were lucky enough to arrive early on the beautiful island are already on the beach.

Tonight at 22:00 is the captains meeting and tomorrow is the opening ceremony. We will be there and give you all the details, as well as photos.

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ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 06

GM Mamedyarov happy to see us again
(our previous meeting was at the MTel 2007)

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 02

Valjevo 2007 winner GM Michael Roiz talking to the Chessdom editor-in-chief Goran Urosevic

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 06

Jovana Vojinovic and Anna Ushenina

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 04

GM Baadur Jobava with the Chessdom CEO Anton Mihailov

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 08

The magic of Linex, Ivan Cheparinov

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 13

GM Csaba Balogh is here as he promissed

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 10

Ukranian team on the way to the beach

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 11

The playing hall is ready…

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 12

…tonight at 22:00 is the captains meetings

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 01

The 5 star Creta Maris, the arena of ETCC 2007