Corus day 9 photos

Carla Amse reporting from the stage

The most important question before the Corus round 9 start was whether Topalov and Kramnik will shake their hand after the Short-Cheparinov incident. The chess game itself was in the shadow of speculations… And what a game it was! Topalov sacrificed a Knight in the deeply explored Semi-Slav Moskow variation as early as on move 12. Later on, he sacrificed a Queen instead of playing perfectly safe, but unattractive line for viewers. And no, there was no handshake before or after the game.


Veselin Topalov – Vladimir Kramnik

Topalov-Kramnik 2

Veselin Topalov – Vladimir Kramnik

Topalov press conference

Topalov presenting his win at the press conference

Jan Timman and Ljubomir Ljubojevic, to real delight of fans, replayed the opening sacrifice from yesterday’s Topalov-Kramnik. Ljubo improved over Kramnik’s defence and won the game is beautiful fashion.

Ljubojevic Topalov

Perhaps Veselin Topalov revealed him secrets of this line


Jan Timman – Ljubomir Ljubojevic

Chessdom is not present at Corus because nobody replied to our initial request for accreditation, sent on first days of December. Few months earlier, those gentlemen were more than willing to cooperate when we asked them for an interview.

Our friend Vijay Kumar IS present wherever Vishwanatan Anand is playing.

Short Karpov Vijay

Nigel Short, Anatoly Karpov and Vijay Kumar


Peter Leko scored his first win against the then leading Magnus Carlsen

Michael Adams square Ivanchuk square 5

Levon Aronian square Veselin Topalov square

Photos: Carla Amse