Cappelle la Grande round 5

4 people leading the competition

Round 5 of Cappelle la Grande is over. IM Deviatkin, GM Krivoruchko, GM Kazhgaleyev, and GM Chernyshov are on top with 4,5/5. They are closely followed by GM Vitiugov, GM Gashimov, GM Fedorchuk, GM Malakhatko, and 10 other players.

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Pairings for round 6

Cappelle 5 - 04

Hungarian IM Gabor Papp

Cappelle 5 - 05

Anthony Wirig international master from France

Cappelle 5 - 06

Top seed Vugar Gashimov is fighting his way to the top of the table

Cappelle 5 - 08

GM Savchenko, RUS. He is one of the many Russian players at Cappelle
and is also aspiring for the first places

Cappelle 5 - 09

Happy birthday Iozefina Paulet!!!!!! She is turning 19 today. The Chessdom team wishes her all the best

Cappelle 5 - 11

GM Vassilios Kotronias, the top Greek GM in action

Cappelle 5 - 12

GM Tigran Petrosian
Cappelle la Grande 2008, a tournament with Petrosian and Kasparov, what more do you want!

Cappelle 5 - 13

Kamil Dragun from Poland, a future young star, playing board 30

Cappelle 5 - 14

Turkan Mamedyarova, one of the sisters of the chess superstars family

Cappelle 5 - 15

Marie Boyarchenko, enjoying her time at Cappelle la Grande