Cappelle la Grande

photo preview by WIM Anna Rudolf

Cappelle la Grande 2008 will be one of the Europe’s top chess tournaments in February. It will feature more than 70 GMs and 240 titled players in a 9 round Swiss tournament. In total there will be 600+ players.

Cappelle la Grande starts today, be sure to follow games on the official website. Here is a photo report sent to us by WIM Anna Rudolf upon her arrival in Cappelle la Grande.

Cappelle la grande 6

The organizers of Cappelle la Grande in action

Cappelle la grande 3

Smaranda Padurariu and Iozefina Paulet (ROM)

Cappelle la grande 2

U12 World Chess Champion Marsel Efroimski (ISR)


Tatiana Kostiuk and Liubov Kostiukova both from Ukraine

Cappelle la grande 4

Organizer Sylvie Templeur

Cappelle la grande 5

The playing hall is ready