AAI Grandmaster Chess Tournament

Round three photos, courtesy of Delhi Chess Association

New Delhi, June 24: India’s Krishnan Sasikiran grinded it out for 72 moves before registering his first win over Viktor Laznicka of the Czech Republic in the third round of the inaugural AAI Grandmasters Chess Championships at the AAI Officer’s Institute on Friday. It also opened the scoring for Sasi.

Photos from the third round are bellow, read also the full report and replay the games with computer analysis.

Mrs. Rashmi Singh

Chief Guest for third round Mrs. Rashmi Singh, Director Delhi Govt making the inaugural move

AAI r3 Hou and Caruna

Hou Yifan and Caruna

AAI r3 Sasikiran

Krishnan Sasikiran

AAI r3 Sasi and Laznicka

Sasikiran and Laznicka

AAI r3 Sasikiran after game press conference

Sasikiran after game press conference