Tata Steel Chess 2011 first photos

Photo report from Wijk Aan Zee 2011

Wijk Aan Zee 2011, now known as Tata Steel, starts tomorrow. The pairings for all groups will be known in just a few hours, and already the spirit of chess tradition is flourishing in the ex Corus tournament.

The first photos from Wijk Aan Zee are already available, thanks to the professional photographer Fred Lucas. The player, the atmosphere, the venue and all around Tata Steel is captured on the photos above. For more, visit the official site of Fred Lucas.

Corus Chess 2011 is
Tata Steel /
Tata Steel 2011 /
Tata Steel B 2011 /
Tata Steel C 2011

Magnus Carlsen Tata Steel

Magnus Carlsen
Tata Steel 2011

Daniele Vocaturo Tata Steel

Daniele Vocaturo
Tata Steel C, Italy

Ilya Nyzhnyk Tata Steel

Ilya Nyzhnyk
Tata Steel C, Ukraine

Tania Sachdev

Tania Sachdev
Tata Steel C, India

Mark Bluvshtein Tata Steel

Mark Bluvshtein
Tata Steel C, Canada

Ivan Ivanisevic Tata Steel

Ivan Ivanisevic
Tata Steel C, Serbia

The chess pavilion

The chess pavilion from inside

The chess pavilion

The chess pavilion from outside

Tata Steel A

Playing area for Tata Steel A event

Tata Steel