XXII Magistral Ciudad de Leon Prize Giving Ceremony

Photos by Leontxo García and Leon press center

Magnus Carlsen has won the XXII Magistral Ciudad de Leon this Sunday by beating the last year winner Vassily Ivanchuk in the final match. The two have qualified for the final by eliminating Alexander Morozevich and Wang Yue in earlier semifinals. Bellow are the photos from the prize giving ceremony, kindly provided by Leontxo García, Leon Press Officer.

Leon final 1

Alexander Morozevich receiving his prize from Marga Serna

Leon final 2

Wang Yue receiving prize from José María López Benito

Leon final 3

Vassily Ivanchuk receiving prize from Jesús Álvarez Coureal

Leon final 4

Magnus Carlsen receiving prize from Natalia Rodríguez Picallo

Leon final 5

Magnus carlsen addresses the audience after the ceremony, with translation by Leontxo García

Leon final 6

Group photo

Leon final 7

Participants, sponsors and tournament director