Photos from the final weekend of Bundesliga

by Christian Bossert (OSG Baden-Baden) for

The powerful team of OSG Baden-Baden recently claimed a fourth consecutive title in the German team championship, popular Bundesliga. The last two rounds were played on their home field and this was an excellent opportunity for Mr.Christian Bossert to take many attractive photos. Originally posted on

BL 2009 1

The team of Baden-Baden in good mood

BL 2009 Stellwagen-Anand

World Champion Viswanathan Anand played on the final weekend to celebrate team’s title. Here he is Black against Dutch hope Daniel Stellwagen (Round 14)

BL 2009 Stellwagen-Anand 1

Anand and Stellwagen analysing


GM Buhmann and Michael Adams analysing

BL 2009 Nikolic-Svidler

Predrag Nikolic – Peter Svidler

BL 2009 atmosphere

The atmosphere in the playing hall

BL 2009 Movsesian-Naumann

Movsesian – Naumann

BL 2009 Ragger-Harikrishna

Ragger – Harikrishna

BL 2009 Nielsen-Ernst

Nielsen – Ernst

BL 2009 Peter Svidler

Peter Svidler concentrating

BL 2009 Macieja-Anand

GM Macieja and Anand analysing, Balogh Csaba, Zoltan Gyimesi and Wolfgang Grenke observing

BL 2009 Champions

The Champions – OSG Baden-Baden

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