Special paintings quizes for the second birthday of Chess and Strategy

This week one of the most respected and popular chess blogs in French, Chess & Strategy, is celebrating its second birthday. The Chessdom team wishes the webmaster Philippe Dornbusch many more years of successful chess blogging!

For the occasion Nino Maisuradze and Philippe Dornbusch present a series of chess painting quizes. Can you guess the authors of the paintings? Answers will be provided later today below each picture.

Guess the authors of these paintings

Hint: Every painting has a different author.

chess painting

Painting 1

chess painting

Painting 2

chess painting

Painting 3

chess painting

Painting 4

chess painting

Painting 5

chess painting

Painting 6

chess painting

Painting 7

chess painting

Painting 8

chess painting

Painting 9

chess painting

Painting 10

chess and strategy

Aker Chess Challenge and Gjøvik Chess Festival photo report

Svidler leading the main event, 8 share the lead at the open GM tournament

8 players share the lead at the open GM event of the Gjøvik Chess Festival. After the 6th round there are many players tied at the top with equal 4,0/6 points – GM Boris Savchenko, GM Vadim Malakhatko, GM Mateusz Bartel, GM Sergei Tiviakov, GM Kaido Kulaots, GM Geetha.N. Gopal, GM Aloyzas Kveinys, and GM Nick E De Firmian. Saturday was a rest day and the games will continue on Sunday. The top pairings are Tiviakov – Gopal, Aloyzas – Savchenko, Malakhatko – De Firmian, Kulaots – Bartel.

In the parallel Aker Chess Challenge rapid competition GM Svidler became a sole leader after today’s round 3 and 4 matches. He collected a full point from GM Lie and made a valuable draw with black against GM Nakamura. Here are all the results and standings after round 4.

1. round

Svidler – Nakamura 1-0

Carlsen – Lie 1-0

2. round

Svidler – Carlsen ½-½

Nakamura – Lie 1-0

3. round

Carlsen – Nakamura 0-1

Lie – Svidler 0-1

4. round

Nakamura – Svidler ½-½

Lie – Carlsen 0-1


1. Svidler 3,0/4

2-3. Nakamura, Carlsen 2,5/4

4. Lie 0,0/4

Photos from Gjøvik Chess Festival

carlsen lie

GM Carlsen recovered with a victory against GM Lie

hiraku svidler

Svidler managed to hold the top position with a draw against Nakamura


GM Malakhatko, one of the leaders of the open GM, against IM Frode

de firmian

GM Nick de Firmian also among the leaders

jon ludvig hammer

One of the young stars of the event, Jon Ludvig Hammer, against GM Tiviakov

More photos and information: www.gjovikfestival.sjakkweb.no and www.bergensjakk.no