GM Sasikiran on Mtel Masters 2007

photo report

Here are some of the moments on Mtel Masters that our cameraman managed to capture GM Sasikiran.

Sasikiran Bulstrad Sasikiran Bulstrad 2

At the Bulstrad Promotion Event

Sasikiran Smiling and Signing Sasikiran Bulstrad 3

Signing the life insurance given to all players

Sasikiran Bulstrad Handshake Sasikiran Danailov

Talking with Danailov

Sasikiran Opening Ceremony Sasikiran Close Up

At the Opening Ceremony

All after the Draw

Mtel Masters – Round One

Topalov-Nisipeanu, Adams-Sasikiran, Mamedyarov-Kamsky

Empty Table

Waiting to Begin

Reporters eager to get news Mamedyarov walking around

Eager reporters; Mamedyarov walking around

Mayor Borisov Mayor Borisov 2

Mayor Borisov in the informal wear making the first move on Topalov’s board

Players Game Topalov Nicipeanu 1

About 10 minutes into the games, all cameras go off

Game Long

Benidorm Photo Report

Photo report

XX Open Internacional Villa de Benidorm took place on April 22nd – May 1st in Benidorm Alicante, Spain. A sharp battle emerged for the generous prize fund of 29.000 Euros, with GMs Chatalbashev and Khamrakulov grabbing the honors.

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Benidorm Organizer

Benidorm host Manuel Pérez Fenoll

GM Ibragim Khamrakulov

GM Ibragim S. Khamrakulov, Spain (ELO 2545)

One of the winners

WIM Vega Gutiérrez

WIM Vega Gutiérrez hosting a simul

One of the many chess activities in Benidorm


IM Horacio Saldano (white) – IM Miguel Llanes Hurtado

Friendly handshake


GM Merab Gagunashvili (GEO 2625) – GM Karen Movsziszian (ARM 2494)

Fearless battle ended with a draw

Robin Swinkels

Robin Swinkels, Netherlands (ELO 2430)

Dutch junior had excellent performance, finished on tied 6th place.


GM Bellon Lopez (ESP 2423) – GM Lopez Martinez (ESP 2563)

Draw in the 4th round. Both players finished on tied 6th place.

GM Marc Narciso Dublan

GM Marc Narciso Dublan, Spain (ELO 2539)

Finished on tied 6th place with 7.0 points


GM Aleksa Strikovic (SRB 2563) – IM Mauricio Vassallo (ESP 2392) 1-0

Signing scoresheets