Closing Ceremony Photo Report

The closing ceremony of Mtel Masters 2007 marked the end of one of the most competitive tournaments in the last decade. The tournament was decided at the very last round, as you can see from our commentary of the Topalov-Sasikiran game.

Closing Ceremony Katrin Closing Ceremony Espejo&Vinatzer

Closing Ceremony Nisipeanu Closing Ceremony Topalov Mamedyarov

The organizers produced a concise and warm ceremony, the players were awarded their caricatures by Ivailo Ninov, Adams and Nisipeanu received the special Bulstrad Award for most exciting game – their match from Round 8. As the third time winner, Topalov added one more golden Icon to his collection. The Icon represents the four saints warriors and its spirit parallels Topalov’s attractive and ruthless gamestyle.

Closing Ceremony Sasikiran Closing Ceremony All

Round 09 Photo Report

Round 09 starts with a pleasant surprise for Topalov

Round 09 starts with less press intrusion and a pleasant surprise for Topalov and all Bulgarian viewers.

DAY 09 - Before the Game: Topalov Smiling

Topalov Smiling for the Journalists

Today there was a special guest to open the game between Kamsky and Topalov – the Bulgarian World Champion in wrestling – Boyan Radev. Mr. Radev was invited to make Kamsky’s first move. As you can see from the pictures, he was very excited and asked a confirmation from Silvio Danailov where to move the white pawn.

DAY 09 - Before the Game: Kamsky and Topalov DAY 09 - First Move: Silvio presents the Guest

Silvio Danailov introduces the Famous Bulgarian Wrestler and World Champion – Boyan Radev

DAY 09 - First Move Made

The World Champion – Boyan Radev – makes Kamsky’s first move

Mr. Radev gave a very special present to Topalov – one of his medals to serve him as a good luck charme. The World Champion in wrestling hugged cordially the Bulgarian Chess Grandmaster and then made a round of hanshakes with all the players before leaving the game area.

It was a nice “warm and fuzzy” moment and a great gesture from a former World Champion to a former World Champion. The episode can be described as a pleasant and no-stress moment for all the chess players, once again an excellent move from the organizers.

DAY 09 - Topalov receives a Medal DAY 09 - Espejo

Topalov receives a medal from Boyan Radev; Mr. Espejo marks the beginning of round nine.

Shortly after Mr. Radev left the stage, the chief referee Mr. Espejo greeted the spectators with his usual “Dobar vecher, good afternoon” and opened the round.

DAY 09 - Let the Games Begin!

Let the games of round 9 begin!

DAY 09 - All

DAY 09 - Kamsky Topalov

Day 09 - Press conference - Adams Mamedayrov

Day 09 - Press conference -Mamedayrov Day-09-Adams-ICC

Mamedyarov shared that he was affraid of losing today; Adams is interviewed for ICC.

While both Adams and Mamedyarov seemed relieved but kind of sad because of their draw, Sasikiran and Nisipeanu, who also made a draw, were both in a very good mood, kindly answering questions.

Day 09 - Press conference -Nicipeanu and Sasikiran

Round 08 Photo Report

Reporters all around, Mamedyarov nervous and bothered by the flashing of the cameras…

Day 08 starts again with a good amount of media interest towards the chess games and the players. Mamedyarov seems a little too nervous, or maybe he is just too stressed out, but as you can see on the pictures, he tries to hide from the flashing cameras and spends some time walking around just to make the 10 minute press invasion pass as quickly as possible. Topalov and Nicipeanu also look bothered by the cameras, while Sasikiran and Kamsky, from the far end, seem to pay little attention to their surrounding and are able to concentrate on the game.

Day 08 - 02 Espejo wishing Good Luck

Day 08 - 03 Topalov Mamedyarov making first moves Day 08- 01 Mamedyarov Arrives

Day 08 - 04 ALL

Day 08 - 04 ALL 2

Day 08 - 04 Topalov Mamedyarov

Day 08 - 08 Nisipeanu Day 08 - 09 Sasikiran Kamsky

Day 08 - 11 ALL

Day 08 - 12 Sasikiran Kamski Day 08 - 13 Mamedyarov, Kamski, Sasikiran

Day 08 - 14 Topalov Day 08 - 10 Topalov Mamedyarov

Day 08 - 16 All Playing

Black & White Party

Relaxing event after the 5 tough rounds

Black-White cook and boss Black-White Topalov boss

Mtel CEO with the chief cook and Veselin Topalov

Black-White Sasikiran arrives Black-White Sasikiran Psakhis

Krishnan Sasikiran and Lev Psakhis joining the party

Black-White Kamsky Sasikiran Topalov

Kamsky, Sasikiran and Topalov

Black-White Topalov Sasikiran cook Black-White Kamsky Sasikiran Topalov 1

Black-White players Black-White players Cheparinov

Mamedyarov and Cheparinov have joined the group

Black-White players 1

Black-White Topalov cooking

Veselin Topalov cooking

Black-White Sasikiran cooking

Krishnan Sasikiran cooking

Black-White Adams arrived Black-White Adams Tara

Michael Adams cooking and his wife Tara testing the food

Black-White Mamedyarov cooking Black-White Mamedyarov fan

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov cooking

Day 04 of the Mtel Masters Supertournament

A photo-report with comments

Day four was meant to start calmly, with a little less media attention and more spectators. And it would have, except for Mamedyarov’s tardiness that is on the way of becoming a trademark or a weird opening ritual.

Day 04 - Topalov Arrives Day 04 - Sasikiran Topalov

On board one we see Sasikiran and Topalov, more detailed information about their play you are able to get from the LIVE commentaries from GM Dimitrov in our live section.

Day 04 - All1

Day 04 - All2

The matches on board two and three are Mamedyarov-Nisipeanu and Kamsky-Adams.

Day 04 - All3

Day 04 - All4

Day 04 - Espejo Day 04 - Reporters all around

Kamsky-Adams began with Adams playing his favorite Steinitz defense in Ruy Lopez. The games are still in their opening phase and expect our six players to bring us an exciting chess Sunday afternoon. Keep updated and follow the live commentary.

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran Day 04 - Mamedyarov Missing Again

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 2 Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 3

Mamedyarov-Nisipanu started off with the Bluemenfeld gambit, in which the Romanian GM scored a fantastic victory against Kiril Georgiev last year at the European Team Championship.

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 4 Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 5

Day 04 - Topalov Sasikiran 6

A quick preview of Day 03 – Round Three – of the Mtel Masters Supertournament

Photo report

Day 03-1 Day 03-Adams Nicipeanu

Day 03-Adams Nicipeanu 2 Day 03-Topalov Waiting

Apparently the rounds of the third edition of Mtel Masters are all going to start a bit off for Topalov. At the opening day the Mayor of Sofia belated Topalov’s first move, Topalov himself was tardy for the second round and today we saw him patiently waiting for his opponent (Mamedyarov) on board one, long after the other two matches had begun. For several minutes Mamedyarov was nowhere to be found, press and players sharing the astonishment. Fortunately, he showed up, and the game could continue as planned.

Day 03-Adams Nicipeanu 2 Day 03-Topalov Still Waiting

Day 03-Kamsky Sasikiran Day 03-Espejo

Day 03-Topalov sitting alone Day 03-Topalov, Adams, Nicipeanu

Day 03-Mamedyarov Day 03-Mamedyarov 2

Now, about an hour and a haft into all three matches, we can notice the following: Kamsky and Sasikiran seemingly are moving towards the draw, Mamedyarov and Topalov are showing a promise of a fierce fight and in Nisipeanu and Adams it appears that Adams has a promising compensation for the sacrifice of material on e6 he made several moves ago.

Day 03-Kamsmky Sasikiran 2 Day 03-Topalov Mamedyarov 2

Day 03-Topalov Mamedyarov 3 Day 03-Topalov Mamedyarov 4

All Day 3-2