Ivan Vazov theater

a historical symbol of Sofia

The national theater Ivan Vazov is one of the symbols of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is a marvelous building located in the garden of Grand Hotel Sofia. The theater is constructed in the beginning of the 20th century and officially opens its doors in 1907. The building is later named after the greatest Bulgarian poet, Ivan Vazov.

The theater suffered badly damages several times in its history. In 1923 a fire swept and destroyed the building. During the World War II the building was turned into a ruin again. However, it was quickly rebuilt in both occasions. The last reform of the theater took place a few years ago and now it has three auditoriums with a total capacity of a thousand people.

Grand Hotel Sofia Ivan Vazov2

For those of you who love art, here is the address and the contact information:

Address: “Dyakon Ignatiy” Street, 15, Sofia 1000

Tel.: (++359 2) 8119 219

Fax.: (++359 2) 987 7800

(++359 2) 987 7066

E-mail: info@nationaltheatre.bg

fountain 2
Grand Hotel Sofia Ivan Vazov1

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament

photo preview

The 15th annual Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament will take place on April 18th-26th in Malmö, Sweden. The three top rated participants are Timman, Cheparinov, and Negi. It will be an interesting battle, where we expect a lot of caffeine to be consumed. We very well know that Timman is a fan of coffee and Cheparinov likes coke. Negi got a while ago into the GM club, will he join the caffeine one soon?

Read the full Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament here

Jan Timann coffee

GM Jan Timman, NED (ELO 2616)

He will try to win the tournament for the third consecutive time

Cheparinov thinking

GM Ivan Cheparinov, BUL (ELO 2646)

Cheparinov wants to prove why his rating is constantly rising

Parimarjan Negi Corus 2005

GM Parimarjan Negi, IND (ELO 2515)

The world’s youngest GM will attack the first place

Martha Fierro – a photo report

the Ecuador WGM and IM in Rio and La Habana with friends

Martha Fierro in Cuba

Martha Fierro en Habana

Martha in La Habana

Martha Fierro on the beach

Near the sea

Martha in a simul

Martha Fierro simul 1

Working with the kids at a simul

Martha Fierro simul 3

Moving at blazing speed through the boards

Martha Fierro simul 4

Martha Fierro in Rio

Martha Fierro in Rio 1

Martha in Rio in 2003

Martha Fierro in Rio 3

Martha near the pool

Martha Fierro near the pool
Martha Fierro near the pool 4

Martha Fierro and friends

Martha Fierro and friends 1
Martha Fierro and friends 2

Grand Hotel Sofia’s garden

The area around the Mtel Masters venue

The garden

Grand Hotel Sofia garden1 Grand Hotel Sofia garden3

The garden is full of art pieces, each with it’s story

Grand Hotel Sofia garden4 Grand Hotel Sofia garden5

The outside coffee shops are part of the spirit of the garden

Grand Hotel Sofia garden2 Grand Hotel Sofia garden6

It is a great place for chill out in the hot summer

Grand Hotel Sofia garden8 Grand Hotel Sofia garden9

This is on the way to Grand Hotel Sofia

Theather “Ivan Vazov”

Grand Hotel Sofia Ivan Vazov1 Grand Hotel Sofia Ivan Vazov2

The theater “Ivan Vazov” is named after the greatest Bulgarian writer and poet

The chess players

Grand Hotel Sofia chess players Grand Hotel Sofia chess players2

The chess players are in front of the hotel and the theater